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Learning French has never been this easy!

A+ French combines the best of traditional lessons-based learning with the powerful features of Transparent Language's leading language-learning technology. The structured nature of the lessons allows you to build language skills progressively. At the same time, an array of multimedia language-learning games and tools allow you to learn more easily and effectively than ever before. You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to understand and communicate in French.


Windows- Windows 95 or Windows98 486 (or better), 16MB RAM minimum, 15MB HD space (20MB recommended), 2x CD-ROM drive, sound card, speaker, VGA. Microphone required for record and play feature.

Macintosh- System 7.1 (or better) 68020 processor minimum, 68040 or Power Mac for video, 4.5MB Free RAM (4.5MB Power Mac), 12MB HD space (17MB recommended), 256 color monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive. Microphone required for record and play feature.